The Best Gluten Free Fast Food Restaurants

Finding a gluten friendly restaurant can be hard sometimes, actually it can be hard full stop. Although I love going to independent eateries, when we go out to the cinema or for a casual catch up with mates, it’s easier and often cheaper to go to a fast-food restaurant. For those of us with ceoliac disease, it can be a nightmare scanning the menu to find just one or two gluten free options not to mention the constant fear of cross contamination running through our heads. So in order to make eating out as fun as it should be, I have done some research of my own to see which restaurants offer gluten free, coeliac friendly food.

Honest Burger

The Honest Burger with a gluten free bun and an extra burger because I was real hungry 😉

Honest burger has to be one of my favourite burger places in the UK for gluten free goodness. This burger joint does not cheap but you do get a damn good burger (cooked medium unless specified ) and a portion of delicious rosemary salted chips. I usually opt for The Honest Burger which consists of beef ,red onion, relish, smoked bacon, mature chedder, pickled cucumber and lettuce, all tucked between a gluten free bun. Top this off with a Daura Damm gluten free beer and you are in for a treat. The total cost for this is between £15-£16 and a gluten free bun is £1 extra. If you happen to visit Honest Burger in Camden, located directly opposite is a vegan and gluten free cookie and cake shop called Cookies and Scream –   definitely worth a try.


Gluten free lemon cake…yum

If you’re on a diet, health kick or just prefer good clean food then this is a great place.


Leon is a healthy fast food eatery that offers a range of gluten free, veggie and vegan food to eat-in and takeaway. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served along with tasty cakes and coffee.

The menu varies from each restaurant but they all tend to have a pretty good range of gluten free options.

It is reasonably priced at ranges from a few £s to £10 for a meal and a drink.

So, what are you waiting for? A guilt free, gluten free fast food meal is waiting.

Ed’s Easy Diner

Of the Ed’s Easy Diner menu, 70% of the dishes can be made gluten free; just be sure to let them know if you are ceoliac. From gluten free burgers to hot dogs, this fun filled American style diner even has a separate frying area for gluten free chips, so there’s no need to worry about cross contamination. Ed’s is a great place for all the family with 1950s jukeboxes and a tantalising menu of shakes and fizzy floats.

Prices vary around £6-£12 depending on just how hungry you are. Ed’s Diner has received accreditation from CoeliacUK for their amazing commitment – Can it get any better ? Well it sure does with a warm gluten free chocolate brownie or a blueberry cheesecake, or, maybe even both. Enjoy.


I think it is safe to say that everyone enjoys a trip to Nandos, and guess what? You can too. I recently contacted this favourite food chain for an insight into their gluten free procedures to prevent cross contamination. I received a very helpful email from Nandos allergy department. As a coeliac herself, the staff member was super helpful and had a lot of knowledge about the disease. The most important information they could provide was that even though a huge section of the menu is gluten free, customers MUST make staff aware if they have coeliac disease so that they take the appropriate measures to make sure that nothing becomes contaminated with gluten. From cleaning down the grill to wiping chopping boards, staff at Nandos take Ceoliac disease very seriously  which really does make the experience much more enjoyable. I normally get half a chicken and two sides which costs £10.35, which aint bad if you ask me.

Wherever you choose to eat, the important thing to remember is to make a member of staff aware that you are coeliac.

Hope this helps!

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