Gluten-free in Hong Kong (Some strong language in the beginning )

We arrived in HongKong after a short flight, there was no issue with my meal on the plane. The cheapskate (daisy) didnt order me One.
Once you picked up your lugguage and come through customs you will see a few southern comforts a Pret and yes they do some Glutenfree options and some Vegan too. I didnt purchase anything as I had my eyes set on M&S glutenfree christmas sandwich. To get to our hotel we needed to get the train to Kowloon station, it also stops at HongKong central as well. The train costs around 8pound PP I think the bigger the group the bigger discount. The train takes around 20minutes give or take, once you get out off theres a taxi rank a minute walk inside the station. Make sure you have the address in symbols just incase as our driver couldnnt read the English Translation.

Cosmic Guesthouse:

We arrived outside an etrance to our hotel, basically a shopping center, alot of people on tripsadvisor said finding the lift to the hotel was hard. As long as the lift says it stops at your floor number you can grab anylift. Be prepared to que for the lift, or if your fit you can always walk up the steps. Walking towards the hotel the more I was regretting booking a semi cheap room( 35pound a night) but then I thought it looks rough from the outside but i bet its not that bad inside. Oh how wrong i was, this tight little room with no windows and a metal gate on the door reminded me of a prison. Not that ive ever been to prison but ive seen films etc. I was just waiting for big Frank to be in the shower with me asking to pick up the soap or fighting over the bed situation.

Lucky enough it was only daisy and shes pretty weak, so no worrys there. Normally I break up day by day but im just going to explain this hotel,a little rant you could say. We had Five nights in this hotel Id probably say Four nights to many, the hotel was small, dirty, no towels, Two of the reception staff were rude, a Twenty pound deposit for the key, and ok this was really the cherry on the cake. The next morning I turned on the light to find a cockroach, fair enough I thought to myself One little cockroach thats not too bad. I killed it of course, and then there was more. Like little army of these disgusting little critters running across the walls. So I spoke to reception, the nice receptionist of the three explained they had an issue with people leaving food in the rooms which attracted cockroachs, they have had pest control in and they have put posion down etc. The reason they come out is to get to a water source. So I thought ok fair enough. Well that was complete utter bollox, I googled it after seeing loads more and these little Fuckers were fast, like husain bolt fast. Google said that after treatment they would be docile, well that was wrong it was like these little pests had been doing cocaine off my body while i was asleep. The worst thing is to google cockroach bites, because the only bite humans(alive that is) when there food source has been taken away, so they dont so much bite but eat your flesh, eyelids first and toenails so Google says. After complaing Three or Four times and no real apology or any solution about changing rooms or refund. I finally convinced them to spray the room bare in mind this was our last night. It did seem to work we only saw One cockroach on the last morning or our stay. I can imagine you reading this and saying I would have just booked a different hotel, am I right ? well we looked and all the rooms in budget would have been simular conditions. There was a Holiday Inn next door but they wanted 280 Pound, there was no way I was going to pay that. So now on to the blog and there wont be any more moaning, well not that much.

Places to eat:

Indian restaurants: located in Chunkin mansion, theres loads of restaurants inside very good and very cheap.

Bungalow: They do a lunch menu 2 courses for $138 or 3 courses for $158 hong kong dollars, keep in mind there are no glutenfree desserts. theres a few glutenfree options the steak you have to pay an extra $20 for but worth it.

Sweetpea cafe: Ok so i didnt get to eat here because they were filming at the time i turned up, which i was slightly glad as there prices left me in tears. The cakes do look good and i guess its nice being able to eat from the whole menu, but to order a cake, drink and a breakfast muffin you need to re-mortage your house or cough up $…..


This place is incredible so not only do they sell a huge selection of glutenfree, its afordable and tasty and even better after 4pm everything is reduced to half price. But dont rely on this as stuff does sell out quic.

The glutenfree muffins taste moist and there not overly sweet, huge salad portions so go for the small size unless your sharing or really hungry.

Green waffle diner:

So I had the the scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, and bacon . Plain and simple but really tasty, reasonable priced.

Unfortunately I don’t have the pictures, I was way to hungry to take pictures of my food at this time.

Sweet secret, party cakes and treats: So not only are the cakes amazing, the lady (owner) has been baking gluten free godness before it became a trend and she is super helpful and friendly which is the icing on the cake. Cake joke .

Things To Do And See:

Space Musuem: This place is good for kids or great for big kids, theres lots of imformation about space, of course but some great interavctive things to do. My favourite was the weight you had to lift, it was meant to be the same weight but it showed how it may weigh less or more due to the gravity. So even thou you havnt left earth you can slightly imagine what it would feel lilke. Theres loads more exhibits and activites and you could spend a few hours here easily.

Ten Thousand Budhas:

Imagine a pathway filled with different types of Budha ,small , large and brightly coloured . This would be the place to visit, I wouldnt say there was Ten Thousand Budhas id probably say there was way more then that, its a nice walk and very interesting to see.

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